6 Reasons Why You Should Support ACCESS on Giving Tuesday


ACCESS relies on the kindness of its supporters to offer a wide range of services to individuals with developmental delays and language and learning disabilities ages six weeks through 35. Every supporter has his or her own personal reason for giving, but in case you were wondering why YOU should consider ACCESS this Giving Tuesday, here are our top 6 Reasons to Donate:

  1. EARLY INTERVENTION MATTERS. According to research, learning and development are at their highest rate in the preschool years. ACCESS professionals provide evaluation services to assist in early detection and intervention, to help children reach their fullest, individual potential.
  2. A CHILD’S VOCABULARY AT AGE THREE IS ONE OF THE STRONGEST PREDICTORS OF FUTURE ACADEMIC APTITUDE. ACCESS provides evaluations and speech therapy for language delays – services that can profoundly impact future reading, writing and mathematic abilities.
  3. CHILDREN LEARN THROUGH PLAY. Play is the primary occupation of children. In children with developmental delays or disabilities, the simple act of “play” can seem daunting. ACCESS provides a variety of services and therapies to help young individuals gain the skills they need to get back to the best learning tool they have – PLAY.
  4. 1 IN 5 CHILDREN WILL EXPERIENCE LEARNING OR ATTENTION DIFFICULTIES. With those odds, it is highly likely that you know a child affected by a learning, attention or other disorder. ACCESS provides a wide range of assistance for families through evaluation and therapy services, education and young adult programs.
  5. YOUNG ADULTS WITH DISABILITIES WANT TO FIND THEIR PURPOSE. ACCESS offers two programs for young adults. ACCESS Life, a full-time program for young adults with disabilities ages 18-35, provides vocational training, teaches independent living skills, encourages community involvement and promotes comradery to give these individuals the confidence and purpose they seek. Project SEARCH Arkansas: ACCESS Initiative is a nine-month internship for young adults with disabilities offering on-the-job training and follow-along services to assist them in finding and securing meaningful employment opportunities.
  6. EVERYONE DESERVES THE OPPORTUNITY TO MEET THEIR INDIVIDUAL POTENTIAL. No matter what, every child should have the opportunity to receive a robust educational experience defined by an accepting, uplifting environment that promotes independence. Whether through outpatient therapy services, full-times education, young adult vocational training, or a combination of services, ACCESS offers the most comprehensive special education program in the state. With your support, we can continue to assist even more families!

    As we draw near the end of our annual giving campaigns, it is our hope that every ACCESS parent, staff member and friend will choose to participate. Every gift, no matter the size, is important. Our slogan is “ALL IN 4 ACCESS” to promote the power of participation and that every gift adds up to have a significant impact. YOUR gift makes the difference. DONATE TODAY!


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