A Multi-Sensory Experience at Moss Mountain Farm

Each year a group of ACCESS students venture to Moss Mountain Farm for a day of fun and adventure.  This year was no exception.  Ms. Leslie and Ms. Mary Stuart’s classrooms thoroughly enjoyed their trip to the farm on Tuesday, March 15.

The students loved getting to pick daffodils and learning all about the beautiful flowers.  A few things they learned about daffodils is that they originate from bulbs planted in the fall and that daffodils come in all sorts of varieties-they don’t all look the same!  As our students toured the gardens, they were given fresh sprigs of rosemary to enjoy the aroma.  Moss Mountain Farm is known for promoting organic gardening so, it was exciting to see some of the kids recognize the kale growing due to their own experience with growing kale in the ACCESS Gardens!

The farm animals were certainly a treat. One of the many highlights of the trip was getting to meet and pet some of the animals, especially two of the baby lambs – they were only 13 weeks old!  Just when it seemed the day couldn’t get any more exciting, our kiddos were given the opportunity to name the two baby lambs, who are now affectionately called Snowflake and Raindrop!

The trip to Moss Mountain provided a multi-sensory experience for all of the students, which is aligned with our curriculum here at ACCESS.  It was multi-sensory as they were able to hear the sweet sounds baby lambs make when they are hungry, smell various flowers and herbs, pet the various farm animals including a rooster, baby chicks, lambs, etc. and observe all of the natural beauty around them at Moss Mountain Farm.

Thank you P. Allen and your wonderful team for opening up your beautiful home and grounds to us.


‘I liked petting the baby chicks!’, Aidan Hines


‘I loved running all over that daffodil field!’
Shelby Miller




















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