Diagnoses Overview

Infants, toddlers and children enrolled in ACCESS outpatient pediatric speech, physical and occupational therapy programs have some level of developmental delay or disability. ACCESS also accepts typical children up to age 4 in ACCESS Preschool, which enjoys a roughly 50-50 population of typical children and those with developmental delays or disabilities.

ACCESS Academy, for ages 5 to 21, is designed specifically for children and youths with speech or language disorders, learning disabilities, dyslexia, mild mental retardation and hearing impairments.

The children seen in the ACCESS Evaluation and Resource Center or enrolled in ACCESS Therapy or ACCESS Schools are referred for many different reasons.  These may include but are not restricted to suspected or diagnosed ADD/ADHD, apraxia, autism, developmental delays, Down Syndrome, dyslexia, feeding disorders, hearing impairments, language delays, learning disabilities, mild mental retardation, reading disorders, sensory integration disorder and/or written expression disorders.

Of course many, if not most, clients and students first come to ACCESS without a formal diagnosis. Some of the concerns prompting a call to ACCESS include speech and language delays, delays in crawling and walking, reading and spelling problems, handwriting problems, visual motor/processing problems and clumsiness.


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