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Project SEARCH

Project SEARCH® Arkansas

ACCESS introduced this innovative job-training program to assist individuals with the preparation required to gain and keep employment in central Arkansas. Project SEARCH® occurs entirely in the workplace providing a nine month internship for adults 18 – 35. With a goal of sustainable, competitive employment, the program assists each intern with the development of positive work etiquette, business specific vocabulary, job discovery, self-awareness, increased confidence, and life skills – all within diverse work environments. Through three internship rotations, individuals participate in on-the-job training with daily support from the intern’s business department together with ACCESS job coaches.

Following this intensive training program, our team assists each individual with identifying employment opportunities and preparing for interviews. Community partnerships are key to identifying job opportunities and securing the desired job. Once employed, ACCESS staff assists with transitioning and will continue to support employment through follow along services and supportive employment.

UAMS Project SEARCH® celebrates a 90% employment rate for the first two years of operation and was presented an award at the international Project SEARCH® conference in 2015. While this is a huge honor, the most important thing to remember is that young people are gainfully employed as a result of this program.

A job is more than a paycheck. We all want meaningful work that provides a wage along with value, improved self-esteem, and way to give back to the community in which we live.


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