Help Give #ACCESS2More on ArkansasGives Day

Today is ArkansasGives Day! This special event is all about helping nonprofits grow stronger by encouraging Arkansans to donate on a single day, via When supporters donate online, ACCESS receives vital funding that, in turn, provides individuals with developmental delays and language and learning disabilities with “ACCESS to more” programs, services, and opportunities they might not otherwise receive.Having accomplished the major goals that prompted its inception, this is the last year for ArkansasGives Day. Help make this day more successful than ever while making your gift to ACCESS go further. The more you contribute, the greater the portion of bonus dollars ACCESS will be awarded by the Arkansas Community Foundation. It’s easy to give:
1. Visit
2. Donate online
3. Share your participation via social media using #ACCESS2more and #ArkansasGives
Learn more about ArkansasGives Day here.

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