How Does ACCESS Make a Difference? Let’s Count the Ways!


# of individuals served by ACCESS: 320

# of ACCESS staff using technology to help change lives: 165

# of ACCESS fingers engaging with technology daily: 4,850

# of laptops used by ACCESS staff: 92

# of smartboards used in classrooms: 12

# of iPads used to help implement therapy, learning, and on-the-job training: 156

# of apps downloaded across 156 iPads for learning: 3,900

# of lives changed and opportunities created: Immeasurable

ACCESS is using technology to help implement its curriculum and aid students in their learning and therapy efforts on both ACCESS campuses and beyond. There are a million reasons why we love ACCESS, but the one we champion the most can’t be quantified because it’s priceless: Helping to change lives and create brighter futures by expanding individual potential through innovative instruction.

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