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ACCESS was founded to emphasize oral and written communication. This means we place special emphasis on reading and spelling development, comprehension and written expression. ACCESS Academy uses a multi-sensory reading method, The Dubard Association Method®.  This nationally recognized phonetic method teaches structured progression from sounds to words, moving incrementally to sentences and paragraphs. Spelling, decoding (sounding out words), comprehension and written expression are core components of this method. Eventually, students begin using traditional textbooks when basic reading skills are mastered.

Along with oral and written communication, math is a core emphasis of academic instruction. Children with learning disabilities do not always have a deficiency in mathematics. Some children struggle with math because of an inability to grasp spatial relationships, an inability to estimate quantity, poor memory skills or poor cognitive abilities. For others, difficulty with math is a manifestation of a language-based disability. We offer several methods of instruction providing all students an opportunity to master core math skills.

Related Subjects

The basic framework of academics is reading and math. Other subjects are referred to as related subjects. These include literature, social studies, history, science, vocational education, gardening, physical education and fine arts. These subjects are taught using hands-on multi-sensory methods depending on age, ability and reading level. Multi-sensory teaching provides a rich array of materials that stimulate senses and promote memory and comprehension. This hands-on style incorporates hearing, seeing, touching and experiencing to assist learning. ACCESS embraces methods that are successful for students with a variety of learning types including auditory, visual and tactile types of learners.


November 2022

23 - 25
ACCESS Academy and Young Adult Campus
21 - 01/03
ACCESS Academy and Young Adult Campus
10 - 14
11 - 12
Stella Boyle Smith Early Childhood Campus
03 - Tentative
15 - 16
Stella Boyle Smith Early Childhood Campus
Both Campuses
07 - 11
ACCESS Academy and Young Adult Campus
Both Campuses


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