Staff Spotlight – Ricky Cooper

Mr. Ricky joined the ACCESS team as an Occupational Therapist in 1998, and he has been a mainstay of the ACCESS family ever since. We wanted to know more about the infamous Mr. Ricky, so we asked him a few quick questions. Here’s what we learned:

Favorite sport to play: Baseball (he played for UCA for one year)
Favorite sport to watch: Football. Go Razorbacks!
Favorite hobbies: Fixing things around the house, a little golf, and hanging out with my family
Fun Fact: Started taking Krav Magav for self-defense training, and now I love it!
Favorite thing about being an Occupational Therapist: I like helping kids be successful. We take for granted the little things that we do every day. When I see a child’s face light up the first time they tie their own shoe or line up the buttons on their own shirt, I know that confidence translates to what they are willing to try to do in the classroom or the community – like walking up to new kids and not being afraid to say hello.
Favorite ages to work with: 4 through 8-year-olds. Those are the years where you are bridging the gap between toddlers and school-aged children. I like helping them feel more confident and sure about themselves so they can make that transition. It’s the best of both worlds!
Why ACCESS: I love the kids. These kids may have disabilities and learning differences, but they are happy and want to learn and try new things. I’m just a big kid myself, so we work hard but have fun together!

Mr. Ricky always has a high five and a smile for every kid he sees at ACCESS. We are so proud to have him on the ACCESS team, and we look forward to watching him continue to make a difference in the lives of ACCESS families!

Ricky Cooper, Occupational Therapist at ACCESS

Ricky Cooper, Occupational Therapist at ACCESS


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