Why is my child struggling in school?


Q:  My child seems to be struggling with learning and cannot focus on schoolwork. Homework is a daily nightmare.

A:  You are not alone. One in five children experiences learning or attention difficulties. These can include challenges with reading, writing, math, concentration, organization, motor skills/handwriting, comprehension, or social skills.

“One in five children experiences learning or attention difficulties.”

Q:  Some people say my child is lazy, but I feel like there is more to it. How do I find out what is really going on with my son or daughter?

A:  Schedule a consultation or evaluation with a local specialist. A comprehensive evaluation will give you the best insight into what underlying issues could be causing your child to have difficulties, whether it is a learning or attention disorder or even anxiety.

Q: But how will that help? I am afraid my child will be labeled.

A:  Having a learning or attention disorder is not uncommon. Understanding the underlying cause of your child’s struggles is the first step in getting them the help they need to become a successful learner.

The ACCESS Evaluation and Resource Center provides students an educational advantage through comprehensive evaluations and a progressive educational resource lab. At ACCESS, we can help parents pinpoint exactly where their child has gotten off the path. Once we understand the need, we can begin to help meet it. An array of services, customized for each child, provides students with specialized tutoring (academic therapy) to develop skills and solutions to bridge academic gaps in reading, writing, spelling and comprehension.

Learn more about the ACCESS Evaluation and Resource Center. Call (501) 217-8600 or visit www.accessgroupinc.org.

Dr. Sabine, Access School

Dr. Sabine Falls, Clinical Psychologist at the ACCESS Evaluation and Resource Center


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