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CES Medicaid Waiver

ACCESS is a provider under the Arkansas Waiver program, Community and Employment Supports (CES).  By using a flexible array of services, the ACCESS Waiver program strives to help individuals reach their maximum potential in decision-making, employment, and community integration.

Who We Serve

Residents of Arkansas who:

  • Have been diagnosed with a developmental disability before the age of 22.
  • Have applied for and been approved to receive assistance through the Arkansas Waiver program (CES).
  • Are looking for assistance in giving their lives the meaning and value they choose. 

Meet Our Waiver Professionals

Our team of experts is dedicated to providing person-centered care for every Waiver client based on their individual needs.

Meet Our Team

CES Medicaid Waiver Services

ACCESS is proud to provide a variety of Waiver services to tailor each individual's needs for appropriate and desired community engagement. ACCESS currently offers the following services for our Waiver clients:

  • Supportive Living

    Supportive living is an array of individually tailored services and activities provided to enable eligible beneficiaries to reside successfully in their own homes, with their family, or in an alternative living residence or setting. The services are designed to assist beneficiaries in acquiring, retaining and improving the self-help, socialization, and adaptive skills necessary to reside successfully in the home- and community-based setting. As a provider for the CES Waiver program, ACCESS' services include supports such as:

    •Money management
    •Daily living skills
    •Community integration experiences
    •Non-medical transportation
    •Behavior shaping and management
    •Reinforcement of therapeutic services
    •Health maintenance activities

  • Consultation Services

    Consultation services are clinical and therapeutic services that assist waiver beneficiares, parents, guardians, legally responsible individuals, and service providers in carrying out the beneficiary's person-centered plan. ACCESS offers consultation services with:

    •Psychologists/Psychological Examiners
    •Speech Pathologists
    •Occupational Therapists
    •Physical Therapists
    •Other professionals

  • Supported Employment

    Supported employment is a tailored array of services that offers ongoing support to beneficiaries to assist in their goal of working in competitive, integrated work settings including:

    •Discovery career planning
    •Employment path mapping
    •Job development
    •Job coaching
    •Continued monitoring of employment outcomes

  • Respite Coordination

    Respite services are provided on a short-term basis to beneficiaries unable to care for themselves due to the absence of or need for relief of non-paid caregivers.

How do I choose ACCESS as my Waiver Provider?

Contact your Service Coordinator at your local division of Developmental Disabilities Services (DDS) office, a division of the Department of Human Services (DHS). Once you have applied for Waiver services and services are being offered by DDS, your agency can choose the Waiver provider you wish to employ. At anytime while receiving services, you may switch to another Waiver service provider.

Questions about our Waiver Program?

Contact our Waiver Department.

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Potential Unlocked: Parent Testimonials

  • I am extremely thankful for the Waiver services provided through ACCESS. As a parent, it is a great peace of mind knowing my daughter is provided with such a caring team of individuals. They are also a huge source of support to me and provide me with wonderful resources.

    -Tina Pilgreen, Waiver Parent
  • Through encouragement and real-life practice, Bailey has learned to be a leader and has found her voice. She has become a problem-solver with day-to-day tasks. The future with Bailey is bright at ACCESS Life with the support of her Waiver team.

    -Bobbi Dettmer, Waiver Parent
  • ACCESS has provided exemplary care and assistance for my daughter through her Waiver services. The Waiver director and assistant are great communicators and work directly with the Waiver staff and my daughter to make sure all her needs are met. They have been, professional, reliable, and concerned.

    -Debbie Barker, Waiver Parent