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Therapy Services

In 1994, ACCESS started as a small therapy clinic serving a handful of preschool-aged children with disabilities. Since then, therapy has remained at the heart of our mission, and the ACCESS Therapy Clinic has expanded to accommodate the growing need for services throughout our community.

Our therapists are experts in their fields, and their passion for serving every client to help them expand their individual potential has fueled the addition of new therapy disciplines to compliment our wide array of services. Meet our therapy team to learn more about our experts.

  • Speech Therapy

    At ACCESS, speech and language therapy focuses on helping children express their wants and needs as they learn to interact with others by communicating more effectively and understanding spoken language.

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    Occupational Therapy

    Occupational therapy teaches children and adolescents fine motor, handwriting, eye-hand coordination, visual perception, and sensory motor skills, all of which are needed for successful interaction in play, school, and work and more.

  • Physical Therapy

    ACCESS therapists design individual plans for customized therapy and fitness, working with infants, children, and adolescents to enhance flexibility, strength, coordination, balance, endurance, gross motor skills, and mobility through play and exercise.

  • Feeding Therapy

    Proper nutrition and feeding is important for a child's physical, emotional, and developmental growth. Led by specially-trained Speech Language-Pathologists and Occupational therapists, feeding therapy at ACCESS takes a unique approach to food aversions and feeding obstacles from both an oral motor and sensory perspective.

  • Mental Health Therapy

    Many times, children or adolescents struggle with mental health and behavioral issues for a variety of reasons, from coping with a disability, traumatizing events, school-related anxiety, and more. At ACCESS, we help families identify these mental health issues and resolve them through appropriate methods of counseling.

  • Academic Therapy

    ACCESS academic therapy offers an individualized approach specific to each student’s learning needs. This results-oriented program provides assistance for Central Arkansas students in grades K-12 who struggle with reading, reading comprehension, written expression, basic math skills, and organization and study skills.

ACCESS Therapy: A Story of Success

      Potential Unlocked: Parent Testimonials

      • Physical Therapy

        Our physical therapist caught things that our child's pediatrician didn't. She's thorough, kind, and just amazing as both a therapist and a person. I don't even want to think about what extra challenges our daughter would be facing now if we hadn't met our physical therapist when we did. She's a miracle worker, for sure.

        -Heather Honaker, ACCESS Parent
      • Speech Therapy

        Our speech therapist is amazing. Our daughter loves working with her. She is very committed to her success both in the classroom and at home. She always gives us regular updates and feedback. She is also consistently there to lead therapy.

        -ACCESS Parent
      • Physical Therapy

        My child loves physical therapy. Somehow, our therapist gets my child to work SO hard, and I can see her strength and agility improve. I am beyond please with her physical therapist.

        -ACCESS Parent
      • Mental Health Therapy

        Before receiving PCIT, our morning routines were chaotic and exhausting. We were unable to go anywhere outside of our home because of my son's social anxiety. After starting therapy at ACCESS, we went from stressful mornings full of resistance and defiance to our son being our son being able to get dressed on his own and our whole family walking out the door without tears! Our time together in therapy was a safe place as we built trust and nurtured our love for one another. Each week we all looked forward to our special time together.

        -Crystal Pennington, ACCESS Parent
      • Mental Health Therapy

        Mental Health counseling has molded my son on how to express his emotions in a verbal way. While telling me about an interaction he had with his peer this week, he said ' made me feel a bit uncomfaortable.' This was great progress on expressing his feelings.

        -Laura Kent, ACCESS Parent
      • Speech, Occupational, and Physical Therapy

        Our son was born with a congenital heart defect, and he spent two months in the hospital fighting for his life. ACCESS has been so supportive of my son and family. He has received years of speech therapy for feeding and articulation, occupational therapy, and physical therapy. All of his therapists have helped him overcome obstacles and challenges during his early childhood development. Most of all, he has experienced guidance, encouragement, and love from ACCESS, and I am brought to tears to think about all they have done for him.

        -Susan Hill, ACCESS Parent
      • Occupational Therapy

        We sought outpatient occupational therapy services for our son when we noticed that he was struggling with some gross motor skills and coordination. We could see that he needed some assistance with certain tasks such as riding a bike. We think our son's occupational work with his therapist over the past three years has been a huge success! His balance and coordination have improved meaningfully, But just as importantly, we see our son's excitement to work with his therapy every week and his improved confidence as a result.

        -Katie and Brett Huff, ACCESS Parents
      • Speech Therapy

        Our son received speech, feeding, and occupational therapy from ACCESS on and off since he was a baby. Later, we realized our son needed help for dysfluency (stuttering). Before working with his speech therapist, he shut down and would not try to use any speech therapy strategies to help him get his words out smoothly. Our therapist took the time to get to know him and his interests, and he has improved so much! The thing that is even more exciting than his improving speech is how much Sam's confidence has grown. It is such a gift when someone pours into your child like the therapists at ACCESS have done oer and over for our family.

        -Heather Smith, ACCESS Parent