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With dedicated therapists and hands-on parent training, ACCESS delivers award-winning therapy services to clients 0-17 with individualized goals for success.

More than 18 years of experience as a therapy clinic offers better results!
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A Hands-On Approach for Parents

Parents and caregivers are the most viable part of the team when treating children. ACCESS strongly encourages parents to be very involved and informed in all aspects of a child’s therapy. Active participation can include formal training for parents, attending therapy sessions to learn techniques to assist in a child’s progress, home programs and take-home literature.



State-of-the-Art Therapy Treatment Area

Most therapy activities take place in the 6,700-square-foot ACCESS therapy gym, which features an in-ground ball pit, in-ground trampoline and in-ground foam pit; swings; climbing walls; fine motor/ADL (activities of daily living) areas; four additional speechlanguage therapy rooms; an infant/toddler treatment room; and gross motor equipment (therapy balls, bikes, a balance beam and scooter boards).

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