Early Childhood

ACCESS Instructs for All Learning Styles

The early childhood years are a critical part of a child’s development and lay the foundation for future academic success. ACCESS is a quality early childhood program that offers individualized education focused on developing a child’s cognition and language, fine and gross motor skills and social-emotional development. Literature is the cornerstone of the curriculum, setting the stage for the study of math, science, social studies and history. These learning experiences are enriched with music, art, drama and technology. By using multi-sensory elements that involve touching, seeing and hearing, ACCESS instructs for all learning styles.

“ACCESS Early Childhood offers comprehensive early education services, including early intervention strategies critical to improving developmental outcomes, within a team approach. Using our original, language- and literacy-based curriculum, our team members are building the foundation for our students’ future academic success.” – Monika Garner-Smith, Early Childhood Director and Co-Founder

Team Approach with Low Teacher-Student Ratio

Each classroom has a low student to teacher ratio allowing staff to give each child the instruction required to meet their individual needs with a team of professionals including a highly qualified teacher and teaching assistant, along with a speech therapist, occupational therapist and physical therapist. Therapy sessions allow for frequent one-on-one interaction within and outside the classroom setting.

The early childhood program offers educational and therapeutic techniques to children with and without disabilities. We offer funding for day treatment and therapy for those who qualify:

  • Developmental Day Treatment Clinic Services (DDTCS)
  • Child Health Management Services (CHMS)
  • Medicaid, ARKids and TEFRA

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