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ACCESS Therapy, A Source of Help When We Need Them

By Heather Smith

Therapist and young child reading in therapy.

Our journey with ACCESS started early. As a baby, Sam received language and feeding therapy at ACCESS. His therapist worked closely with us in order to help him thrive and overcome his feeding obstacles, as well as become a very talkative toddler! Throughout Sam's Pre-K and Kindergarten year, Sam received occupational therapy, receiving a "top writer" award at the end of kindergarten for his improvement with his handwriting. Sam’s therapists found ways to make it fun and motivating for him. At home, their work made school easier for him and gave us more time to do fun activities together instead of school work. We are so grateful for all that ACCESS therapists have done to pour into our family.

After realizing we once again needed ACCESS’s therapy help, Sam has received outpatient speech therapy from Alicia since last August for dysfluency (stuttering). Before working with Alicia, Sam shut down and would not try to use any speech therapy strategies to help him to get his words out smoothly. Alicia took time to get to know him and his interests, and he has improved so much! The two of them have a great bond.