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Giving Through Love: The WORTH Scholarship

By Liz Morris

The love language between a child and a parent can be shown in many ways like a hug and kiss, a present wrapped in a bow or the words “I Love You.” But after the passing of their son in August 2016 due to complications post-open heart surgery, Liz and Trey Morris, along with their family, had to find new ways to express their love for their late son, grandson, and nephew, Walter L. Morris, IV - “Walt.” Working alongside the Arkansas Community Foundation (ARCF), the creation of the Warriors For Walt Charitable Fund was born to grant monies to nonprofits creating awareness, inclusion, and opportunity for individuals with special needs and giving hope to families suffering the loss of their child.

ACCESS is one of the nonprofits that has received grants from The Warriors For Walt Charitable Fund. ACCESS holds a very special place in the hearts of Liz and Trey Morris. In November 2015, Walt was diagnosed at birth with Down syndrome and a congenital heart defect. When touring schools for Walt before his scheduled open-heart surgery, the Morris family entered the doors of ACCESS and felt at home. Liz and Trey knew the mission of ACCESS would have laid a firm foundation for Walt’s education and created a space for him to learn the life skills he would have needed to gain independence and have self-worth.

In November 2020, The Butterfly Garden at the ACCESS Academy was dedicated in memory of Walt, and the ACCESS staff set aside time for Walt’s family and friends to tour the campus. Impressed at the variety of programs at the ACCESS Academy, Walt’s paternal grandparents felt compelled to show their love for their late grandson through a new kind of support for ACCESS.

With Walt’s “JayJay and Wally” wanting to nurture their own love language with their angel grandson, Jayne and Walter Morris, Jr. worked with Liz and Trey to found The WORTH Scholarship - Worthy Of Reaching Tremendous Heights - which provides financial assistance to students who have the “I Can, I Will” attitude to succeed. $10,000 has been granted to ACCESS from the Jayne and Walter Morris Charitable Fund through ARCF to alleviate the financial burden for students who need the resources from ACCESS Academy to thrive and achieve independence.

The Morris family invites you to cultivate and nurture your own love language for a special someone or notable purpose by giving back to ACCESS so that every student is able have WORTH.