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Independence and Community Integration Through CES Waiver Services

How can CES Waiver help me or my child gain independence and be part of the community?

Community and Employment Supports (CES) Waiver Program is a Medicaid and state-funded program for children and adults diagnosed with a developmental disability prior to the age of 22. CES Waiver’s goal is to provide these individuals with the support they and their families require to live as independently as possible within their homes and communities. Under thisCES Waiver, individuals may receive services such as:

  • Supported Employment
  • Supported Living Services
  • Non-Medical Transportation
  • Adaptive Equipment
  • Environmental Modifications
  • Supplemental Support Services
  • Consultation Services
  • Crisis Intervention Services

Services must be received through DDS licensed community providers.

What is Supported Employment, and how does it work?

Supported Employment is a tailored array of services that offers ongoing support to beneficiaries to assist in their goal of working in competitive, integrated work settings including:

  • Job coaching
  • Continued monitoring of employment outcomes
  • Discovery career planning
  • Employment path mapping
  • Job development

This service has allowed theACCESS Waiver team to assist clients in every step of the employment process, from understanding different careers and preparing for interviews, to continuing to follow along with them in their jobs to assist with new tasks, modifications, and more. We have even seenSupported Employment services help our graduates from theProject SEARCH® Arkansas:ACCESS® Initiative in partnership with Arkansas RehabilitationServices. Some of our graduates have remained in the same job for more than five years, continuing to add new responsibilities to their roles. They are more independent than ever before and have found great success and purpose!

How can I learn more about CES Waiver services and if they can help me and my family?

At ACCESS, we have a team of CES Waiver experts who can help families navigate the appropriate services for their situation. Independence and community integration are key to living a meaningful life, and our team is devoted to helping our clients do just that through a person-centered approach.

To learn more about our team or the array of CES Waiver services offered at ACCESS, contact us today. 501.217.8600