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Olivia Bennett

Lower 1 Lead Teacher

Olivia Bennett is hte Lower 1 Lead Teacher at the ACCESS Academy. Initially, ACCESS was just going to be a summer job for Olivia, but soon after she started, she realized how much she loved the positive impact that ACCESS has on children's lives and wanted to be a part of that mission full time. She was a teacher's assistant for 5 years and has been the lead teacher in the Lower 1 classroom since 2020.

Olivia enjoys watching her students experience new things through the hands-on, immersive curriculum the Lower 1 team has built. One of her favorite things to teach is the chicken unit. Each year, her class learns about the life cycle of a chicken by studying eggs as they incubate, watching the chicks hatch, and nurturing the chicks until they are old enough to move into the chicken coup... all taking place right in the classroom!

In her free time Olivia enjoys traveling, reading books, and spending time with family.