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ACCESS Life is a unique program for adults emphasizing community integration and vocational training preparing individuals to be a part of their community.  Opportunities include employability training, culturally enriching community outings, engaging social activities and daily fitness. 

Who We Serve

Adults with disabilities ages 18 and over looking to:

  • Gain independence
  • Enjoy their community
  • Prepare for a job
  • Volunteer and help others
  • Find their purpose
  • Make friends

Meet the ACCESS Life Team

Meet the ACCESS Life team.

Meet Our Team

ACCESS Life provides a foundation for individuals to become connected in the community leading to independence, opportunity, and a purposeful life.

  • Employment Preparation

    Daily experiences include a variety of employment settings within ACCESS such as ACCESS Gardens, ACCESS Ceramics, and other local industries including: food services, distribution, environmental services, and childcare. Members learn valuable vocational skills such as customer service, inventory, deliveries, how to follow a schedule, and more. Individuals also experience a variety of internship opportunities through the program.

  • Daily Living Skills

    Members participate in a structured life skills class each week using the James Stanfield standard of curricula. They are given opportunities to practice cooking and general cleaning tasks, as well as learn the importance of self-care skills such as hygiene, personal appearance, couponing, budgeting and financing, appropriate attire, home management and personal safety.

  • Healthy Lifestyle

    Members of ACCESS Life are given the opportunity to learn about and practice healthy lifestyle choices. Members participate in a weekly nurse-led health class covering a variety of health-related topics. From learning about and preparing healthy food choices to weekly activities such as yoga, swimming, walking local trail systems, and visits to the fitness center, healthy habits are enforced throughout the program.

  • Leisure and Social Activities

    Through project-based learning as well as structured time throughout the course of the program, members begin to explore various leisure interests. Community outings expose members to different types of hobbies and activities, and a variety of social activities throughout the year give members the opportunity to interact outside of the program.

  • Community Involvement

    ACCESS Life members engage in numerous volunteer efforts and vocational training throughout the community by partnering with other local nonprofits and businesses.

Potential Unlocked: Parent Testimonials

  • For many parents of a child with a disability, the transition from high school presents limited options, thus leaving parents to ask: What's next? At ACCESS Life, my daughter is valued...loved, and accepted for who she is, yet challenged to be better. This has been a great experience to help Olivia recognize her strengths, potential, and challenges to grow to be the absolute best she can be!

    -Suzanne Ray Proctor, Parent