Life. Leisure. Independence. Fitness. Education.

Today, we live in a very interconnected world; however, these young adults lack the necessary connections to achieve what they want in life. What is important to young adults? They want to make friends, enjoy their community, find a job, volunteer and contribute to others, find their purpose and ultimately gain independence to guide their own way. Through ACCESS Life, individuals with developmental disabilities have the opportunity to make this happen.

Living A Health Life

A healthy lifestyle is a key element of ACCESS Life. In addition to working towards independence in their daily living activities, it is also important to have fun. While having a great time, members also gain endurance, social skills and connections to recreational and fitness opportunities in the community.

Being directly connected to the local business community is important because earning your own wage and caring for your own needs fosters independence. ACCESS Life meets this need by providing employment preparation through on-the-job job training experiences. Daily experiences include a variety of employment settings with ACCESS Gardens and ACCESS Ceramics, and with other local industries such as: retail, food services, distribution, environmental services, and childcare.

ACCESS Life provides a foundation for individuals to become connected in the community.

Activities of daily living are incorporated in many ways.  Students are given opportunities to use the ACCESS apartment to practice laundry skills, cooking and general cleaning tasks.  They will also learn the importance of self-care skills such as hygiene, personal appearance, budgeting and financing, dressing, home management and safety.

Through this class, students can explore on-site jobs such as working in the student store, gardening, cafeteria jobs, childcare, custodial services and retail enterprises.  They are given opportunities to explore various classes in home economics, horticulture, childcare, ceramics and retail.  These subjects are offered based on students’ needs, interests and academic levels. Basic information related to types of jobs, skills needed to obtain jobs, and the process of applying for jobs will be taught. Coping with various job situations, resolving conflict on the job, the importance of teamwork, personal responsibility and work ethic are also heavily emphasized.

Developing leisure interests is important.  Through project-based learning as well as structured time throughout the course of this class, students will begin to explore various leisure interests.  Community outings will be offered to expose students to different types of hobbies and activities.

 “ACCESS Life answers the need of young adults with developmental disabilities. My daughter wants what everyone else wants.” Carla Gregg, parent.




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