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ACCESS Academy

ACCESS Academy offers the most comprehensive special education program in Arkansas. We serve students ages 5 to 21 with a curriculum that focuses on essential academic subjects including: oral expression, comprehension, spelling, reading instruction, written expression and math. We also offer instruction in literature, science, social studies, technology and fine arts.

Who We Serve

ACCESS Academy serves students with a variety of language and learning disbilities, as well as developmental disbilities including:

  • Dyslexia
  • Learning disabilities
  • Apraxia
  • Disorders of written expression or dysgraphia
  • Reading disorders
  • Speech and/or language disorders
  • Intellectual disabilities
  • Autism spectrum disorder
  • Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)
  • Anxiety
  • Other Developmental disabilities

Meet Our Educators

Meet the highly-qualified education team at ACCESS Academy.

Meet Our Team

What makes ACCESS Academy unique?

ACCESS Academy is more than just academics. At our Academy, our small group focus offers each student individualized instruction tailored to meet their unique needs. A low student to teacher ratio, combined with a team approach, allows each student to receive the attention needed to find success. Students who may require additional one-on-one intervention also have access to on-site professionals offering speech, occupational, physical, feeding, mental health, and academic therapies, all integrated within a student's school day.

Specialized Curriculum

The ACCESS Academy offers a robust curriculum of academics along with pragmatics and life skills to develop a well-rounded, independent individual. With an early focus on proficiency in communications and math, students are able to develop the important skills required to learn related subjects in later years. Students also engage in multi-sensory learning, as well as hands-on life skills development in the state-of-the-art ACCESS Life Lab.

  • Oral and Written Communication

    ACCESS places special emphasis on reading and spelling development, comprehension, and written expression by using a multi-sensory reading method, The Dubard Association Method®. This nationally-recognized phonetic method teaches structured progression from sounds to words, moving incrementally to sentences and paragraphs. Spelling, decoding (sounding outwords), comprehension, and written expression are core components of this method.

  • Mathematics

    Some children struggle with math because of an inability to grasp spatial relationships, an inability to estimate quantity, poor memory skills, poor cognitive abilities, or even as a manifestation of a language-based disability. At ACCESS, we know mathematics is more than just computations. Our curriculum emphasizes math through problem-solving and age-appropriate, real-life application that can prepare for needed vocational and indepence skills in the future. Our various teaching methods are directed to encourage each student's individual academic level.

  • Related Subjects

    Literature, social studies, history, science, and physical education are taught using hands-on multi-sensory methods depending on age, ability, and reading level. These methods incorporate sound, sight, touch and experience to assist learning.

  • Technology

    Classrooms are equipped with an array of educational technology including interactive smart boards, iPads, laptops, speakers, document cameras and projectors providing teaching staff with tools necessary for classroom demonstration and student engagement.

  • Vocational Education

    Vocational or career education is more comprehensive than job training; it teaches people to be a part of a community. These community skills are integrated with academic course work and focus on teaching responsibility, how to care for others, self-awareness, habits of cleanliness, following directions, behavior management, independence, disability awareness, and effective communication and problem-solving skills.

    Students at the ACCESS Academy are also offered the opportunity to participate in the Vocation Innovation Project (VIP), a unique pre-employment transition service for high school students 16-21 years of age with a developmental disability.

  • Fine Arts & Horticulture

    In conjunction with academic work, the school horticulture, art, and music programs are hands-on laboratories where students learn and practice specific vocational skills including inventory, following directions, customer service, time management and productivity.

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Cognia Accreditation

The ACCESS Academy school-aged program has earned its accreditation through Cognia™. Cognia offers accreditation and certification, assessment, professional learning, and improvement solutions to institutions and other education providers. As a global nonprofit working in 90+ countries, Cognia serves 36,000 institutions, nearly 25 million students, and five million educators every day. For more information on Cognia, visit

A Typical Day at the ACCESS Academy

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    Potential Unlocked: Parent Testimonials

    • "We are beyond pleased with the progress our son has made in his short time at ACCESS. The academy, staff, therapist, teachers, administrators, and other students have made his transition positive and extremely encouraging. ACCESS Academy has been a blessing for our family."

      -ACCESS Academy Parent
    • "I am so grateful for ACCESS. They have helped my child so much. There is no way a public school could give her the help that she's getting at ACCESS. I like that they are willing to try new things to help my child grow."

      -ACCESS Academy Parent
    • "All I could feel when we found ACCESS was relief. I knew this was the greatest thing for my son - a one-stop shop where he could get his education and all of his therapy together."

      -ACCESS Academy Parent
    • "ACCESS is a wonderful place. My child has made so much progress. The teachers and staff are amazing and very patient. It is truly a labor of love. My child looks forward to going to school now. I just wish we'd enrolled in ACCESS sooner!"

      -ACCESS Academy Parent
    • "ACCESS has put a hunger and thirst inside my son that is expressed every day of his life. He is so excited about the possibility of working and being able to buy his own car and home and develop a family that he shares this desire with me frequently. When I ask where he wants to work, he says ACCESS Academy!"

      -ACCESS Academy Parent
    • "The love and support ACCESS has given our son and our entire family over the last five years is immeasurable. Our son has not only grown academically, but ACCESS has helped him instill true confidence in himself. We are so grateful for this amazing school and amazing teachers who are helping him reach his full potential."

      -ACCESS Academy Parent