Cogmed Working Memory Training™

Cogmed Working Memory Training™

What is working memory?

The definition provided by Cogmed Working Memory Training™ identifies memory as a key cognitive function used in daily life that allows individuals to hold information in their minds for brief periods of time and use it in their thinking. Working memory can be described as active attention. Some examples of tasks that demand working memory include:

  • Remembering instructions and remembering what the next step is while working with a sequence of activities
  • Learning new things
  • Reading comprehension and mental calculations in math
  • Organizing your life, remembering what to bring along, remembering what you have to do
  • Listening to other people, responding appropriately, and not interrupting
  • Time planning and having sense of time

Why is working memory important?

Working memory is a core factor in attention problems and academic performance

Who can benefit from improved working memory?

Students with an improved working memory are expected to have improved math and reading comprehension as well as listening comprehension. Why did ACCESS choose to license Cogmed Working Memory Training™ over other programs? 

ACCESS has many students and clients that would benefit from improved working memory, including students and clients with ADHD, learning disabilities and autism spectrum disorders. Cogmed Working Memory Training™ is an evidence-based intervention based on solid research, demands a strict protocol to maintain program effectiveness and quality, has a high success rate (80 percent success rate) and tracks skill retention beyond the actual program implementation.

Interested program participants are encouraged to visit for more information on the company, the program and the research on which the program is based.

About the Cogmed Working Memory Training™ Program at ACCESS

Small Falls-SanineDr. Sabine Falls, Ph.D., our ACCESS clinical psychologist, serves as the primary quality assurance representative for the ACCESS Cogmed Working Memory Training™ license, and she is a Cogmed qualified coach.

Cogmed Working Memory Training™ is based on strong scientific research, is delivered under the supervision of a Cogmed qualified coach and may be done in the convenience of a client’s home.

The complete program includes an initial, in-person interview; a start-up session; five weeks of training with weekly coaching calls; a wrap-up meeting; a six-month follow-up interview; access to the Cogmed Training Web and 12 months of Cogmed Extension Training. Those participating in at-home training need a Mac or PC, an Internet connection, an appropriately qualified home training aide (parents, grandparents, older siblings or family friends) and a distraction-free training area.

The Cogmed qualified coach’s role is to provide home training aides the support they need for successful program completion. In addition to hosting a startup session, the Cogmed coach makes weekly calls to the training aide. During these calls, the coach and aide can discuss progress and suggestions for meeting program goals. The ability of the Cogmed coach to view each participant’s progress through 24-hour online analytics aids this process.

Once the training program is complete, the Cogmed coach hosts a wrap-up meeting and a six-month followup interview.

 Although Cogmed Working Memory Training™ is available for a variety of ages, ACCESS is offering this program to individuals ages 6 to 26. Enrollment occurs on a rolling basis, with new clients added as others wrap-up their five weeks of training.


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