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Evaluation and Resource

Finding Answers for Aidan through a Comprehensive Evaluation


The ACCESS Evaluation and Resource Center (AERC) changed our lives. I’ve known something was a little off for our 11-year-old son Aidan for years. His older brother is diagnosed on the autism spectrum, so his school just assumed he was autistic as well. I wondered that myself at times since...

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Evaluation and Resource

Little Rock Professional Advises Parents to Seek Early Intervention


Kimberly Newton, Licensed Psychological Examiner, Director of the ACCESS Evaluation and Resource Center Director, and President of the Learning Disabilities Association of Arkansas, spends her days administering comprehensive evaluations to youth and adolescents to help identify developmental...

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Evaluation and Resource

Why is my child struggling in school?


Q:  My child seems to be struggling with learning and cannot focus on schoolwork. Homework is a daily nightmare. A:  You are not alone. One in five children experiences learning or attention difficulties. These can include challenges with reading, writing, math, concentration, organization,...

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