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  • Finding the Key to Warren’s Future

    Warren's journey at ACCESS started in preschool with intense early intervention and therapy. As Warren got older, his needs evolved, but ACCESS was there to give Warren and his family the tools they needed for Warren to find success. Read more about Warren's journey.

  • ACCESS Life Lab: Promoting Independence

    The Family and Consumer Science classroom is a lab for independent living designed to teach essential life skills. This program allows Academy students to develop skills that enable them to become critical thinkers and enhances their capacity to meet personal, family, career, and community challenges they will face in adult life.

  • Unlocking Potential Through Therapy

    Therapy is the heart of what we do at ACCESS and the foundation upon which our mission was founded 27 years ago. Our team of therapists are more than just experts. They go above and beyond everyday to help each client unlock potential within themselves. We caught up with Molly Ramsey, ACCESS Speech-Language Pathologist and Early Childhood Speech Therapy Team Leader, to learn more about what drives success for our therapy programs.

  • Giving Through Love: The WORTH Scholarship

    Thanks to the Morris family, ACCESS is honored to present the WORTH scholarship - Worthy of Reaching Tremendous Heights. Read more about how the Morris family continues to honor their grandson by helping others build the brighter future they deserve.

  • Young man standing in front of a wall filled with heart artwork

    Drew Aston: A Brighter Future Realized

    Meet Drew, who by the way, uses Andrew as his “professional” name. He’s smart, focused, energetic, funny, and EMPLOYED! What you don’t see is the invisible village that walks with him every day. Read more about how the experts at ACCESS helped Drew realize the bright future he enjoys today.

  • Mental Health and Individuals with Learning Disabilities

    Since 1949, May has been the designated month for Mental Health Awareness. Each year, ACCESS joins other organizations such as Learning Disabilities of America (LDA) in the movement to help fight stigma, provide support, educate the public and advocate for individuals with learning disabilities who also struggle with mental health issues.

  • Grace Pomtree

    Discovering Answers for Grace Through the AERC

    If I had a bit of advice to impart, it would be to get your child tested early, and push for accommodations. We always need to be advocates for our kids. I wish we had had the benefit of the knowledge provided by this testing much earlier in Grace’s academic career.

  • Adapting, Understanding, and Growing at ACCESS Early Childhood

    Milo started exhibiting some concerns at his daycare just prior to his 3rd birthday, and his teacher suggested that he be evaluated for autism and other developmental delays. When the testing was complete, I toured several preschools and knew immediately when I walked through the front door of ACCESS, this was the place I wanted Milo to be. I loved the focus on literacy, the hands-on multi-sensory approach to teaching, and the dedication to the creative learning process.

  • Living a Full Life with CES Waiver Services

    Life can bring many surprises and lots of joy. Thirty-three years ago, my daughter Claire was born. As a nurse, I thought I knew what to expect, but boy were my eyes about to be opened. After Claire survived a fetal maternal hemorrhage, yes, lots of uncertainty was to come. Long term, Claire has Cerebral Palsy, but with the help of ACCESS, she has thrived.

  • Message of Gratitude from Executive Director Tammy Simmons

  • What is Dyslexia and How Can ACCESS Help?

    Language and learning disorders are not as uncommon as one might think among children in the United States, even those students with average or above average intelligence. According to the National Center for Learning Disabilities (NCLD), 1 in 5 children in the U.S. have learning and attention issues such as dyslexia.

  • The Importance of Community Support During Unprecedented Times

    As an organization, ACCESS has been celebrating 25 years of service all academic year. Through the years, our vision continues to drive our common belief for which this organization was founded. It is a reminder of our purpose and the critical services we provide for a vulnerable population.