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  • Project SEARCH® Arkansas: ACCESS® Initiative Graduate Brings Awareness to Disability Employment through Hard Work and Determination

    When you think about the Project SEARCH®, a lot of terms come to mind; internships, employment, success, training, the list could go on.

  • So You Think You Have a Picky Eater?

    Having two young children myself, I have gone through my fair share of frustrating moments wondering, “Why in the world will she not eat dinner?” or “Is it awful that he is eating chicken nuggets again?”

  • Why Do We Need to Raise Awareness for Dyslexia?

    October is Dyslexia Awareness Month. By now, most of us have heard of, or know about, dyslexia, yet common misconceptions still exist. So, what is dyslexia? Why is it important to raise awareness?

  • Back to School Stress vs. Anxiety – How Do I Know the Difference?

    For students across Arkansas, the first weeks of school have started. First time to wear those new school shoes. First time to use that new backpack. Maybe the first time in a brand new school. For some readers, it may even be the first time your kids are leaving home for school altogether.

  • ACCESS Transitions Night: METRO 101

    You're invited to join us for the next ACCESS Transitions Night, Metro 101 training. Help Students/Clients Save Money and Get Places They Need to Go with This Comprehensive "How-To" Training. Bring Your Smartphone!

  • ACCESS® Celebrates 25 Years of Building Brighter Futures for Individuals with Special Needs

    ACCESS® Group, Inc. will kick off its 25th year of service on August 19, 2019 for the 2019-2020 academic year. ACCESS began in 1994 as a small therapy clinic in Little Rock serving just a handful of early childhood clients with special needs.

  • ACCESS Gardens Spring Plant Sales: More than Just Plants

    The ACCESS Spring Plant Sales are more than just flowers. It is an opportunity for individuals with special needs to find purpose while gaining vocational skills. Shop the ACCESS Gardens and give back to this mission with every purchase you make.

  • The Road to Success: Will Stuckey’s Journey with Autism

    When you first meet Will Stuckey it is not hard to be captivated by his wit and bright personality. You could say he is somewhat of a legend as he walks the halls of the ACCESS Academy.

  • Finding Answers for Aidan through a Comprehensive Evaluation

    The ACCESS Evaluation and Resource Center (AERC) changed our lives. I’ve known something was a little off for our 11-year-old son Aidan for years. His older brother is diagnosed on the autism spectrum, so his school just assumed he was autistic as well.

  • Speech Therapy, More Than Just Words

    Often times, people assume speech therapy is simply for vocal language and articulation. However, speech therapy is so much more. We caught up with ACCESS Speech-Language Pathologists Molly Ramsey and Amanda Dreidric to learn more about what all speech therapy really encompasses.

  • An Individualized Approach to Education in Mr. George’s Upper 1 Class

    In the Upper School at ACCESS, high school-aged students enter a class at a variety of levels, remaining with the same teacher for four years or more. In order to be successful, the education team must create an individualized approach to each student.

  • ACCESS Gardens Spring Plant Sales Are Here

    Spring has sprung in the ACCESS® Gardens! Come check out the beautiful flowers and plants our students and young adults have been growing.